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White's Tractors Pty Ltd is made up of a team of highly trained professionals who know their way around all areas of the agricultural industry and agricultural machinery. We all have genuine farming backgrounds and because of this real-world farming experience… we know what our customers want and how they want it.

There have been many changes in farm machinery over the years and we have seen it all. White's Tractors Pty Ltd have been serving Farmers and helping people in the Goulburn area since 1973. We have seen businesses come and businesses go… yet through all the hard times, our business has stayed strong.

Why? Because country people are made ‘tough’ which is why we only have the best and toughest farm machinery on the market… it needs to keep up with you!

Our History

We have been operating in the tractor sales and maintenance business in and around Goulburn since the 1970s.

What that means is - we know this business inside out including local farming conditions.

We are also a family firm that strongly believes in continuity and team spirit. We don’t like hierarchies and as far as we’re concerned, everyone who works for White’s Tractors is an important member of the team.

However, we don’t expect you to entrust us with your business simply because we’ve been around for a long time. We also don’t ask you to deal with us just because we’re nice guys.

There are two major areas that we make no apologies for strongly pushing though:

We are all from farming backgrounds. That means we haven’t learned about farm machinery and related issues from books, magazines and online courses. We’ve all ‘been there and done it’ in real life, so we know exactly what it entails and what our customers need.

Our long history has turned us into real mechanical experts as far as farm machinery and related equipment is concerned. That means we will only stock and supply the highest quality kit and even if problems do arise, we have the skills to fix them quickly.

about us

Yes, it’s true we also pride ourselves on being able to offer keen prices. We know that the financial times in farming are almost always challenging and sometimes every single dollar counts. So, you can look to us for some of the best deals around.

We promise never to take your custom for granted and we will always go that extra mile to deliver you the exemplary service you need in order to support your business.

Can we prove any of this to you?

Well, why not give us a call or pop in for a chat? You’ll be able to see within about 5 minutes whether we know what we’re talking about. We are confident that if you do so, you’ll be coming back to White’s Tractors again in future!

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