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  • How do I know if I’ll like the tractor's layout?

    Sit on the tractor, check visibility, look where the controls are positioned, have a drive.

  • What is the difference between a manual and hydrostatic (HST) tractor?

    Just as cars offer a choice of manual or automatic transmissions, so do ride on mowers and tractors.

    Automatic, or Hydrostatic, transmissions make it easy to control the speed of the machine without worrying about hitting the clutch or shifting gears. Models may offer speed control with a foot pedal or a hand shifter located near the driver’s seat. This type of transmission has a top speed limit, but allows you to drive any speed you want up to that limit. The variable speed options make it easy to slow down in your yard’s tricky spots without sacrificing faster mowing in smooth areas.

    Manual, or Gear Driven, transmissions require you to use the clutch when you change speeds. Also, speeds are set according to the gear you’re driving in, so if you need to slow down near an obstacle, you have to change gears to do so. This can be difficult at first, and if your yard is full of trees and flowerbeds, or if you have difficult terrain to mow, you’ll be best served by an automatic transmission.

  • How long is the warranty?

    The length of the warranty depends on the product… it can be between 1-3 years or 1000-3000 hours.

  • How much horsepower do I need?

    Always match tractor’s horsepower and implements that you use. Not enough horsepower can cause safety issues and put extra wear and tear on your tractor.

  • How much will I pay for a new Tractor?

    This is the question on everyone’s lips. The price will vary with each machine and deal.

    We don’t have a “one size fits all” deal because everyone’s needs are different. Our highly trained staff will work out the best package and deal for you.

  • I am new to tractors. Can you advise me?

    Buying a Tractor or Farm Machinery is a very individual process, which is why we encourage you to contact us and have your individual questions answered. No two Farms are ever the same and the equipment they require has to suit the type of farming being done.

    When you come and visit us, we have a list of questions we will ask you to make sure you get exactly what you want and need. Which means you get the right farm machinery, for the right job at the right price.

  • What does ROPS stand for?

    ROPS stands for Roll Over Protection Structure which is an OH&S compliance requirement.

  • What financing is available for Kubota products?

    We can assist you with all financing currently offered through Kubota Finance Australia.

  • What size tractor do I need?

    The tractor size will depend on the type of farming you are doing. Our staff will walk you through a comprehensive questionnaire to ensure we know exactly what you need your tractor for. When we have that clear… it is easy to work out the best machine for your farming needs.

  • Where are the Tractors made?

    It would be nice to buy an Australian made tractor… but that isn’t possible because sadly there are no tractor manufacturers in Australia.

    We have searched for the world’s best tractor manufacturer, who has machines to suit even the harshest, most unpredictable conditions Australia has to offer.

    All made by Kubota in Japan /USA. Kubota is one of the world’s leading tractor brands. Due to it’s reliability, workmanship and competitive pricing… it is the brand of choice for farmers around Australia the world.

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