Kubota Krone Hay Equipment – SWADRO TC 640

Kubota Krone Hay Equipment – SWADRO TC 640

The new Swadro TC640 is the smallest double rotor rake available in the Swadro TC range. This machine has many great features of the TC range and offers flexible work widths, variable running gear and easy handling while working at high rates for maximum performance. This is the perfect machine for the farmer who wants to upgrade from their single rotor rake.

Machine Features

WINDROW Krone rakes excel with their well shaped windrow formation. This ensures that the following harvesting equipment can increase forward speed and productivity as well as produce the perfect product for example well shaped round or square bales.

CLEAN RAKING Krone tines are strong using 3 coils and 10.5mm rods. 4 double tines per rotor are standard and the Swadro TC640 offers offers 10 tine arms per rotor.

MAINTENANCE The cam track inside of our rotor is dry and does not require any lubrication. We offer 3 years warranty for the cam track for absolute peace of mind and to be honest we never had a warranty claim yet.

OPERATION All Swadro TC rakes are under 4m transport height. Do you want to go even lower to put your rake onto a truck, just simply fold three tine arms per rotor to reduce the height even further.

STANDARD FEATURES The Krone Jet Effect, means the rotor always lifts at the front first and sits down at the rear first when lowering the rotor, just like an airplane takes off and lands. This results in the tines not digging into the ground when lifting the rotors which reduces wear, strain on the drive train and crop contamination.
The TC640 comes standard with 10.0 size tyres

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT The Swadro TC640 offers a mechanical control for work width adjustment as standard. Available as an option for the TC640 is a hydraulic work width adjustment.