Kubota Seeding Equipment-SC SERIES

Kubota Seeding Equipment-SC SERIES

The SC Series hopper capacity is 3000L (SC1300C & SC1400C), 4200L (SC1600CF) and 4350L (SC1600F). The hopper is divided lengthwise and the two metering devices are accordingly positioned either side. The proportion is 40 : 60 or 50:50

The SC is especially adapted to suite the need of precise fertiliser placement at the seed. These crops can show substantial yield increase when applying fertiliser with a relatively high percentage of phosphate together with the seeds. In Scandinavian and Eastern European countries the fertiliser is usually placed between the rows besides and below the seed, whereas in other countries e.g. Scotland the preferred method is to apply both seeds and fertiliser in the same row. In trials of spring sown crops, yields have shown increases up to 25% compared to crops where the fertiliser has been applied by other methods.

The SC is able to deliver fertiliser application rates up to 400kg/ha and 15km/h. The pressurised hopper system of the 6m version ensures these rates are maintained even under the most difficult conditions.

Machine Features

Model SC1300/SC1400/SC1300C/SD1400C
Working width (m) 3.0/4.0/3.0/4.0
Transport width (m) 3.0/4.0/3.0/4.0
No. of CD coulters 24/32/24/32
No. of metering devices 1/1/2/2
Hopper capacity (l) 3,000
Single-acting hydr. valve + zero-pressure return for fan drive Standard equipment
1 x double-acting hydraulic valve for machine control Standard equipment
Power requirement 12 V > 70 A Standard equipment
CD double disc coulters Standard equipment
Coulter pressure up to 100kg Standard equipment
Electro-hydraulic sowing depth adjustment via ISOBUS terminal Standard equipment
Press wheels (Ø 380 x 50mm) Standard equipment
Row spacing (12.5cm) Standard equipment
Coulter staggering (17.5cm) Standard equipment
Electronic adjustment of the seed quantity with radar Standard equipment
Filling level sensors in the seed hopper Standard equipment+1/Standard equipment+1/Standard equipment+2/Standard equipment+2
Fan speed sensor Standard equipment
Metering device monitoring Standard equipment
Electronic half-width shut-off -/-/Standard equipment/Standard equipment
Mid-mounted front packer (Ø 800mm) Option
Complete front packer (Ø 800mm) -/Option-/Option
Electro-hydraulic disc harrow depth adjustment via ISOBUS terminal Standard equipment

Disc harrow (Ø 460mm) Standard equipment
Offset tyre packer (Ø 900mm) Standard equipment
Maintenance platform, road transport lights, in-hopper light Standard equipment
Hydraulic fan drive Standard equipment
Lower link suspension Cat. 3N (825mm) Standard equipment
Lower link suspension Cat. 3 (965mm) Option
S-shaped seed harrow 10mm Standard equipment
Finger harrow 12mm Option
Calibration set Standard equipment
Hydraulically folding track marker with notched discs Option
Track eradicators (2 tines per set track) Option
Pneumatic or hydraulic brakes Option
Extended drawbar for tractors with twin tires up to 4.5m Option
Pre-emergence marker (centre marking) Option
LED working lights Option
iM Tellus for non-ISOBUS-capable tractors Option
iM Tellus for ISOBUS tractors Option
Hopper volume weighing system with separate monitor Option/Option/-/-
Headland management Standard equipment
Weight (kg) (with front packer + track eradicators) 4,600/5,400/4,800/5,600
Min. power requirement (kW / HP) 70 / 95,90 / 120,70 / 95,90 / 120