Kubota Spotlight- Kubota M7 130-170hp ON THEIR WAY

Thursday, 15 September 2016 Written By ruth 0 Comment

Here’s how we have publically summarised our views and position……..

We are really excited with the expansion and direction Kubota is going in. We are proud to be associated with such an expanding and quality product”.

Now OK, we know that sounds a little like ‘Corporate Speak’ but it encapsulates our position totally. To put it bluntly – we mean it.

The M7 series is simply superb!

Andrew and Mitchell have had the 1st round of M7 demo tractors here and haven’t stopped waxing lyrical about them. They can’t wait for their ordered Kubota’s’ to arrive.

Here’s another key point – these beauties will be arriving in store soon. We can tell you now that there will be a rush to try them – so don’t delay and BOOK YOUR DEMO NOW!!!

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