Seeding equipment

SC Series

The SC Seeders find the perfect balance between high-tech performance and ease of operation. They work hard, yet are easy to transport. In designing the series, every detail has been considered, including ease of access when it comes to maintenance. The SC Series can help boost your efficiency, save you time and money. It puts precision farming at your fingertips.

PP Series

For all tillage and row crop establishment methods, Kubota offers proven technology. Today Precision Farming has become more and more important. With GEOCONTROL and GEOSEED® Kubota offers two applications for the PP range that maximise the machine output and prevent double seeding. Even in total darkness your seeding results will be exceptional. The PP models can be used for standard or mulch seeding (depending on optional equipment). The PP series is available with working widths from 3.00-6.00m with flexibly adjustable row widths and a wide range of additional equipment.

SD Series

The SD series is the ideal machine for small, medium and large sized farms and combines a compact, light design with the proven Kubota quality. Working widths in 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0m are available. Due to the large hopper volume and electronic control of the seeder, set-up times and performance is increased .

SH Series

The Kubota SH Series is more flexible than conventional seed drills. It can be used for both conventional and precision sowing. For precision sowing the front hopper is fitted with special metering devices and the appropriate distribution head for row fertilising. The hopper capacity can be increased with an optional hopper extension.

VP Series

As a competent partner in precision sowing Kubota delivers the technological know-how: the VP Series. The particularly clear structure and the incorporated intelligent technology the machine is extremely user friendly and highly flexible, from setting to sowing. The VP Series guarantees customised precision sowing for all sorts of vegetable seeds and is thus the ultimate machine for vegetable producers.

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