Spotlight On Machinery – Kubota BX Series

Monday, 8 June 2015 Written By ruth 0 Comment

This month, we’re shining the spotlight on the Kubota BX Series.


The Kubota BX series is renowned for the following features:

1. Power, versatility, comfort and reliability are the hallmarks of the Kubota BX series.

2. The Kubota BX series is Australia’s top-selling subcompact tractor of the decade.

3. Regardless of whether you’re mowing your lawn or performing heavy duty landscaping, the three cylinder Kubota diesel engine on board the BX series boasts more torque than typical gas driven engines, providing reliable power that you can count on.

4. The Kubota BX series feature hydrostatic power steering for optimal control.

5. The benefits are not all under the hood, with the Kubota BX series boasting modern styling and tapered hood design for optimal visibility and a smart look that you can be proud of.

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