Spotlight On Machinery – Kubota Z100 Series (Zero Turn) Mowers

Wednesday, 7 October 2015 Written By ruth 0 Comment

Wow the grass is really growing now and we have been absolutely inundated by enquiries from people who need to replace their old mower.

Fortunately our new stock has arrived and we have been happily delivering plenty.

So, this month we are in full mowing mode and we’re raising the flag for the Z100 series.

Our biggest growing seller in Kubota mowers is the Kubota Z100 series zero turn.

Available in 4 models with 48 or 54 inch mower decks – 2 base models and 2 with suspension seats to suit your needs and budget.

Here are just a few pages from the manual and some photos to help whet your appetite.


For those of you that really like to get into the nitty-gritty of technical specifications, you can see the full user manual here.

This is the ultimate residential zero turn mower combining style, comfort and performance. We have no hesitation in recommending it. It also comes with a 4 year / 300 hour warranty!

It isn’t just us that like this amazing piece of equipment. Just listen to what customers said:

Trish phoned to say ”Thank you Andrew everything you said about the Kubota mower is true. We should have bought one years ago.”

Melinda said “David’s mowing time has been cut to at least half, he absolutely loves his new Kubota mower.”

Now of course, we know that you might be thinking about cost and affordability. Well, there are some particularly good deals on offer so instead of worrying, why not give us a call and find out the options? You may be pleasantly surprised!


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