The Kenny Kubota Factory Tour in Japan

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Hi Everybody – Kenny Kubota here!

Kubota Head Office in Osaka-Japan

Along with Andrew and Michelle, I recently travelled to Japan with Kubota Australia as a reward for the sales growth achieved in 2015. We achieved top 3 in our category in Australia and yes, we’re very proud of that.

I made quite the impression in Japan with head office inquiring who was Kenny and how did I get in.

I was the only staff member who truly fitted in the suitcase. My looks gave me extra privelages that amused other dealers. We were presented awards at head office and we then enjoyed great tours at 2 of Kubota’s factories.

I’m going to share a few photos here with you and I think I look pretty cool or maybe even cute!

Andrew even took me up Tokyo sky tower, looking down through glass floor @ 340m.

As you can see, Michelle really took to the culture and in Kyoto took part in a traditional tea ceremony.

A big ‘thank you’ to Kubota Tractors Australia and Kubota Tractors Japan. This was a fantastic experience that has inspired us as a Kubota dealer.





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