Buying a kubota tractor can be an overwhelming prospect! Do you buy a new tractor or buy a second hand tractor.... the choice is almost endless. The amount of information out there can often add to the confusion instead of clearing it up.

Let’s help you understand a few things...

Tractor power is measured in horsepower, but horsepower alone doesn’t tell you what the tractor can do for you. Just because a tractor has high horsepower, it doesn’t mean it has more useable power. Being clear on what you are going to use your tractor for, helps to determine your price point. Do you really need a utility tractor or could a garden tractor do the job. It is always best to buy a tractor with a little more horsepower than you think you need. This way your tractor can do all the jobs you want it to do, without being in a constant state of strain.

At White’s Tractors, we are always happy to answer any questions you have and help you work out which Kubota tractor is best for your individual farming needs.

B Series Kubota Tractors


The Kubota B Series range offers exceptional power, versatility and comfort. Available from 23 to 31HP, the large range is powered by Kubota’s reliable diesel engines.

Available with a number of attachments that are quick and easy to attach and detach, the B Series is the ideal range for the operator who wants an efficient tractor capable of performing a wide variety of farming, turf, garden and landscaping jobs.

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BX Series Kubota Tractors

(18.0 - 25.5 HP)

From mowing lawns to moving soil, slashing paddocks or digging a trench, Kubota’s BX series is the all-rounder for lifestyle property maintenance.

Compact in design yet powerful in performance, the sub compact BX series tractor range is designed to tackle a range of jobs with ease. Boasting exceptional manoeuvrability, even in the tightest of spaces.

L Series Kubota Tractors

(32.0 - 57.0HP)

Kubota's powerful L-Basic series compact diesel tractors are feature-loaded-proving quality doesn't have to be expensive.

L40 GRAND SERIES Kubota Tractors

Well renowned for their reliability and fully backed by Kubota’s Australia wide service support network, you are in capable hands with an L Series tractor, providing you with years of dependable and hassle free use. Available with performance matched front loader, backhoe and a variety of attachments to suit every application.

M Series Kubota Tractors

(50.0 - 135 HP)

The M-Series kubota tractors blends high performance and affordability together creating tractors that are versatile and durable, yet stingy on fuel. Kubota's M-Series is the pinnacle of size, power and performance.

M-Series tractors deliver incredible reliability, versatility and ease of operation.

M7-2 Series


The M7-2 Series is Kubota’s flagship – the cleanest, most advanced tractor we’ve ever built. The M7-2 range now offers 12 models, each with a huge variety of customisable options.

Redesigned for more power and performance, the new Kubota M7-2 still features Kubota’s 128–173 hp Tier 4 engine, plus proven and versatile new transmissions in all models.

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